Rehabiltation :

Low weight Rollator

Made from Aluminum frame color: silver-metallic very light and quiet stable back support very easy folding mechanism hand grip height can be set double functioning break. Grip height: 79 – 90 cm Sitting height 56 cm Sitting surface 45 x 31 cm overall width 55,5 cm weight: with basket 7,5 kg, without basket 7 kg […]

Walking frame

Available for youth and adults very stable made from Aluminum bronze eloxed can be folded

4-foot walking cane

with anatomical hand-grip and anti-slip Technology very stable during walking Aluminium bronze-eloxed height setting from 75 – 90 cm max. weight allowed: 100 kg

Walking cane

Bronze-eloxed for right and Left can be folded height setting from 83 to 93 cm stable with anti-slip technology max. user weight 100 kg cane weight: 400 g

Oxygen concentrator (Oxymat 3)

mobile oxygen concentrator with dosing-monitor for adults Technical details: Operating voltage, frequency: 230 V, 50 Hz Sound pressure level:


Rollator for a very stable walking Sitting and shopping: a very stable construction can be folded anatomical formed hand-grip folding lock and a mounted place for a walking cane. Grip height 78 – 95 cm, Sitting height 62 cm, Siting surface 45,2 x 22 cm overall width 61,5 cm, max. load 120 kg, Rollator weight: […]

Forearm crutch

10-fach höhenverstellbar, Reflector at the hand grip, strong, stable for walking , max. load 130 kg. available in the following colors: light gray gentian blue blazing red mint turquoise black chrome yellow wine red blue lilac turquoise blue    

Shoprider TE889SLB
Mobility scooter

rotating seat for getting on and off. Seat, arms and steering can be adjusted for a comfortable riding. include: front lights, Reflectors, Blinker and break light for safe driving. very easy to use and handle. includes a shopping basket